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Extending the base EditTextPreference and encrypting/decrypting a password – EncryptedEditTextPreference

Extending the base EditTextPreference and encrypting/decrypting a password – EncryptedEditTextPreference


So you got here by looking for n Encrypted EditTextPreference and you wish to know how to get it done.

Just to clear things up a bit, I will give a short explanation of the concept:


N nDroid application can OR may OR better yet may I say, should have a configuration file.

This file holds the default as well as the personal preferences of the application configuration,

Made, either by the developer – default, or by the user – personal preferences (if enabled by the developer).

If the application holds some kind of a login or user/password pair,

This login information OR preference (by android development language) , hence the password,

Should be encrypted and not exposed to the entire world.

I have designed and built such a preference that you can easily embed into your code.

It will encrypt the password set by the user to a keylocked file,

And decrypt the password upon code calling for usage, ie: login to a system.

3 versions exist:

  1. A single password EditTextPrefernce, no password verification, no restore
  2. A single password EditTextPrefernce, no password verification, with restore
  3. A double password EditTextPrefernce, with password verification and restore by email

If you wish to know more, & until the code is debbuged and up for grabs,

Please write me.

I do wish to get a small fee for any of the above 3 versions….

Please donate or flatter to keep my social contribution going as there will be many more to come.

Please see bottom for purchase…thank you.

Coming Soon: the ToolBox…

A set of easy to use, quite usefull Java classes that as a begining/ intermediaire developer you might find usefull, helpfull and a time saver in getting tasks done properly in you android application.

Any code contributions/ improvments/ suggestions are more then welcome…

Have a peacefull day.


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