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day2 – The Comeback

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The output on day1 was amazing….

But setting philosophy aside and getting down to business…

This has to be taken as seriously as I take my life, my future, my wife (when she comes…)….

So I will take Thomas Alva Edison’s approach:

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

Today I will explain the whys and hows…..

I need to setup up a few things in my vicinity so to make this a ‘garden startup’ on the basis of the ‘garage startup’…

Build my flowing income and make way for the possitive day…

Of when I will be able to build my ‘garden startup’ projects….


  1. Ecological vicinity – physical & spiritual
  2. Steady monthly income with android freelancing job
  3. Lab – for electronic gadget assembly along side mobile apps
  4. EarthShip

You never fail until you stop trying.


Nothing really exciting happened today, Time went by like is was water on a spring’s day going down stream…

I sometimes wonder where is it all going?? are all man kind’s efforts in vain…time is running out on each & every one of us….

Make the best of every moment…so in general I have concluded time management as well as improving my ‘garden startup’ location….

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